Code of conduct

During your visit to the llaqta of Machupicchu It is prohibited to:

1. Carry backpacks, bags or purses larger than 40x35x20 cm (16x14x8 inches).

2. Enter with food or kitchenware, i.e. plates, cutlery, thermoses, etc.

3. Enter with any illegal substance or to be under the influence of any substance.

4. Enter with any type of alcohol or under the influence.

5. Enter with umbrellas, walking sticks, portable chairs, tripods, monopods, selfie sticks or other photography/film stabilization accessories.

6. Enter with animals, except guide dogs.

7. Feed domestic or wild animals

8. Enter with any type of aerosol.

9. Deface, alter or leave any type of graffiti.

10. Enter with any type of musical instrument, megaphone or speakers.

11. Make loud or disturbing noises (scream, whistle, clap, sing, etc).

12. Use virtual apps in narrow paths or outside designated explanation areas

13. Enter with heels or hard-sole shoes.

14. Access with baby strollers.

15. Enter with knifes or Weapons of any kind.

16. Enter with banners, posters, or other objects of this type, clothing intended for advertising purposes, costumes, among others. Film or photograph for advertising purposes.

17. Generate turmoil, undress, lie down, run and/or jump.

18. Climb or lean on walls and/or structures. Touch, extract or move lithic elements such as rocks and stonework.

19. Disturb, collect or remove flora or fauna.

20. Carry out activities that distort the sacredness of the monument; such as fashion shows, dances, social commitments, obscene acts contrary to morality and good manners, perform any kind of activity that implies the impairment or deterioration of the monument, its natural environment and/or facilities.

21. Smoke or vape, or start a fire of any kind.

22. Litter.

23. Stray from the established circuits/routes.

24. Sell or trade inside the monument and surrounding areas, until Puente Ruinas.

25. Fly over with paragliders, drones or any type of craft.

Performing acts or entering with objects prohibited in this list will generate the immediate expulsion of the visitor without reimbursement and the start of legal actions if necessary. The park guards of the Ministry of Culture and the agents of the National Police are the authority within the monument premises.