• Alejandro Neyra specified that this decision reaches museums and archaeological sites managed by the sector, nationwide.

The Minister of Culture, Alejandro Neyra, announced from the Inca Citadel that the deadline for the free entry of visitors to Machupicchu and the network of museums and archaeological sites throughout the country, which are in charge of its sector.

This decision was made in light of the high demand for visitors to the places that are administered by the Ministry of Culture, initially set for November 15. This announcement was made from Machupicchu, where he participated on Sunday night in the reopening of the citadel and this morning he was present at the entrance of the first visitors to this wonder of the modern world.

“We are happy with the response of the public to meet again with museums and archaeological sites. In Machupicchu, we have had a great demand in the same region because people are getting closer to its attractions. For this reason, we have decided to extend until December 31 the free admission to museums and archaeological sites, nationwide, in the network administered by the Ministry of Culture. In the next few days other places such as Nazca and Kuélap will be opened, ”Minister Neyra pointed out.

The Minister of Culture gave details about the protocols that are being taken to enter the Inca Citadel of Machupicchu, a symbol of our culture. “The reopening ceremony was held with the special presence of authorities. We have shown that by working together, things can be done well. All the protocols are ready and that is why this morning we received the first visitors from 6:00 am. We have been able to verify the income with less capacity. At the time of entering the citadel, the temperature measurement is being carried out. They have alcohol gel and the bathrooms have soap and water. Everyone enters with a mask. “

“The capacity to enter Machupicchu will be 675 people per day. That is, 30% of the total capacity. They enter in groups of 8 and separated at a distance of 20 meters with another group. In order to enter, they must register via the web. The entrance is limited and in shifts, separated by hours. With these biosecurity controls we want everyone to feel safe and to be able to enjoy the nature of this wonder ”, added the minister.

The head of the Culture sector stressed that the Inca Citadel of Machupicchu is in perfect condition. “Nature gives a special life to the sanctuary with restricted income. One breathes different air, in this environment with fewer people, the feeling is magical and it has its own energy that recharges us. Machupicchu is a world heritage site and therefore we must take special care ”, he emphasized.

Cusco, November 1, 2020